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Innovative diagnostic, training and change-management AI platform. It spots vulnerabilities in human decisions. We offer decision-making diagnostic, training and analysis, facilitating real-time targeted interventions and tangible improvements.

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Scenario-based AI and analytics detailing individual decision strengths and weaknesses as well as decision quality scores. Furthermore, provides aggregate managerial reports detailing departmental/branch/organizational decision-making characteristics and action items for organizational improvement.

A virtual-reality simulator, it extracts additional data points for a holistic diagnosis of users' decision-making. Along with immersing users in a realistic and tailor-made operating environment, DScanVR outputs additional types of action-items for user decision-making intervention and improvement


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Professor Alex Mintz, Director of the Computerized Decision Making Lab, and former Provost of IDC Herzliya, is a professor for decision-making in government, and former President of the Israeli Political Science Association.

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